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Travel far and wide and do not idle | our institute holds scientific research lectures on the improvement of the three-level functional system in counties and villages

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In order to promote academic exchanges and encourage scientific research and innovation, on May 11, our institute invited Professor Zhang Wenguang from Beijing Normal University to carry out a scientific research lecture on the theme of improving the three-level functional system of counties and villages。Dean Wang Lijun served as the host, and leaders, teachers and graduate students of the School of Public Management participated in the event。

In the lecture,Professor Zhang Wenguang shared his research results on the improvement of the three-level functional system of counties and villages and practical countermeasures based on township reform pilot areas,This paper expounds the importance of improving the system of hierarchical governance based on the current situation of county and village governance in China,This paper analyzes the specific problems faced by township and rural governance in recent years and the corresponding solutions,Combined with long-term solid field investigation, the representative cases of relevant reform experiments are introduced。It greatly enriched the understanding of all participants in the construction of the three-level functional system of counties and villages and the relevant governance experience, and demonstrated a highly exemplary scientific research attitude and research method for teachers and students in related fields。

The activity received warm response and positive interaction from the teachers and students. Professor Zhang Wenguang spoke highly of the enthusiasm of the participants in scientific research, and shared valuable experience with the school leaders on the discipline construction and graduate education in related fields。This lecture focused on the sharing of governance experience and policies of public management, built an exchange platform for teachers and students in related fields to understand the current cutting-edge academic ideas, and effectively promoted inter-university academic exchanges and cooperation as well as the sharing of scientific research results。

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