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The first lecture of the "2023 Second Half Development Target Training Course" of the School of Public Administration

Author: Wen/Wang Kaiyuan Tu/Lin Gan Time: 2023-09-21 Hits:

To help the development of the object to further grasp the knowledge of the party,We will ensure the quality of newly developed party members,The afternoon of September 21, 2023,The School of Public Administration held the first lecture of the Party member Development target training course in the second half of 2023 in the Teaching Section 116,The training was delivered by Zhao Chang, a part-time instructor from the School of Public Administration,All party members develop targets to participate。

Beginning of training,赵畅老师以习近平总书记对广大青年的重要指示为开端,All students are asked to aim high,Down to earth,The courage to shoulder the historical responsibility entrusted by The Times;In quick succession,Teacher Zhao Chang teaches around the four standards of good youth in the new era,Encourage all students to work hard in the direction of having ideals, daring to take responsibility, being able to bear hardships and being willing to struggle;finally,Teacher Zhao Chang listened to the students' speeches on "How to be a good youth in the new era",And encourage everyone to continue to stick to the original heart,踔厉 Work hard,Always be strict with the standards of party members,Draw closer to the Party organization with practical actions。

Through this training, all the participants had a deep understanding of the mission and responsibility of Chinese youth in the new era, and strengthened their own ideals and beliefs。I believe that all students will be able to be down-to-earth, in the daily study and work, riveting full energy, and eventually become qualified and excellent student Party members。

(Preliminary review/Wang Ye Review/Li Fang Final Review/Liu Yingjie)

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