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The third lecture of the 26th Training course for active Party Applicants of the School of Public Administration

Author: Text/Dou Tianxiang Tu/Shi Siqi Time: 2023-09-27 Hits:

On September 27, 2023, the School of Public Administration held the third lecture of the 26th training course for active Party members in the Teaching Section 116. The training was delivered by Li Fang, secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Public Administration, and all the active Party members participated in the 26th session。


In the training class,Li Fang introduced the party membership requirements, the party membership process and the relevant requirements in the party membership process to the active members;Li Fang told the students,The process of becoming an honorable member of the Communist Party is very rigorous,This process is essentially the process of testing the party organization,Only quality and learning, perseverance,Can pass the test;finally,Li Fang asked each student to be responsible for their own party organizational relations,Face the party organization in an honest manner。


Through this training, the students further understand the specific process of joining the Party。I believe that every active member of the Party in the future work, study and life, can constantly improve their ideological and political consciousness, with practical actions to get closer to the Party organization, as soon as possible to become a Communist Party member。

(Preliminary review/Wang Ye Review/Li Fang Final Review/Liu Yingjie)

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