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The School of Public Administration went to Zhengzhou Yuanfang Group to carry out party building work exchange and visit enterprises to expand their posts

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6月8日,Liu Yingjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Public Administration, Gong Wenhai, Vice president, Li Fang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Li Junchao, Director of the Teaching and Research Office, and Chen Shuwei, secretary of the Party branch of the school of Public Administration, went to Zhengzhou Yuanfang Group to carry out exchanges on party building work and visit enterprises to expand their posts,Deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises,Expand work ideas,We will deepen thematic education。

在圆方集团Party building work展示大厅,刘英杰一行5人认真学习了2020年4月30日习近平总书记给郑州圆方集团全体职工回信。At the subsequent symposium, Liu Yingjie introduced the college's party building work, talent training, discipline construction, professional setting, employment direction and other aspects to Yuanfang Group。Qi Shumin, secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Yuanfang Manpower Company, introduced the development history of Yuanfang Group, party building ideas, party building achievements, digital empowerment, human resources supply and demand connection, talent demand and so on。The two sides discussed the ideas of party building work, the direction of personnel training, and the professional construction of digital manpower, and sought common development。

(First Trial/Retrial by Li Zhengxin/Final Trial by Li Fang/Liu Yingjie)

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