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School of Public Administration held Henan University of Economics and Law Gaotu Cup 12th simulation recruitment contest

Author: Text/Li Yuting/Yu Yangzheng Xinyu Time: 2023-05-13 Hits:

On the afternoon of May 13, the final match of the 12th Simulation recruitment contest of Henan University of Economics and Law Gaotu Cup, hosted by the School of Public Administration, was held in classrooms such as teaching 2 115, 116, 117, and so on. 48 players highlighted the fierce competition in the arena。


The final round consists of three parts: structured interview, leaderless panel discussion and judges' comments。Structured interview process,Contestants are grounded in workplace realities,Adapt to changing roles from student to candidate,Quick-witted and brilliant;In a leaderless group discussion,The contestants had their say,Spark ideas;End of the race,Judges make targeted comments and professional suggestions according to the performance of the contestants。The players said they benefited a lot。


This competition allows students to feel the recruitment process and competitive atmosphere of the company in advance by simulating the real interview situation, and exercises the communication, cooperation and adaptability of college students。Finally, I wish the final 12 players can learn from the experience, continue to work hard, we will see you in the final!

(First Trial/Retrial by Li Zhengxin/Final Trial by Li Fang/Liu Yingjie)

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