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The School of Public Administration held the fifth Human Resources Vocational Skills Competition and HRU8 intramural selection Competition

Author: Wen/He Yijiatu/Shi Siqi Li Zhongshu Time: 2023-06-04 Hits:

On June 4, 2023, our Institute held the fifth Human Resources Vocational Skills Competition under the conference rooms 631 and 632 of the Teaching Section Building。The competition was organized by the Youth League Committee of the School of Public Administration and co-organized by the Human Resource Management Research Association。Mr. Nie Qian, Mr. Pei Hongsen, Mr. Liang Wei and Mr. Men He were invited to serve as judges。


The match was held at two venues simultaneously,First, the contestants introduce themselves in one minute,This was followed by a leaderless panel discussion,The contestants will speak in the order determined by the result of the draw,In a leaderless group discussion,The contestants have a limited time to speak according to the theme,An agreement was finally reached,And select a contestant to summarize。Then there is the case analysis, in which the judges give the case, after two minutes of thinking, the contestants have five minutes to analyze and elaborate。Finally, the workplace practice,Simulate a real workplace environment,The contestants and co-stars play different roles,Communicate the problem,After the competition, the judges selected ten students according to the comprehensive performance of the contestants and trained them to participate in the subsequent competitions on behalf of our school,The fifth Human Resources Vocational Skills Competition came to a successful conclusion。


Through HRU competition, students can test their own practical skills and problem-solving ability, exercise their ability to view problems from multiple perspectives, expand the thinking direction of participants, and better grasp the application of human resources knowledge in practice。

(First Trial/Retrial by Li Zhengxin/Final Trial by Li Fang/Liu Yingjie)

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