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The School of Public Administration successfully hosted the sixth Division finals of the undergraduate group of the 8th National Human Resource Management Comprehensive Ability Competition for College Students

Author: Wen/Cui Wenkang Li Chunyan Tu/Gu Taizheng Time: 2023-06-10 Hits:

On June 10th, sponsored by China Human Resource Development Research Society, hosted by Henan University of Economics and Law, and co-organized by the Human Resource Management Research Institute of the School of Public Administration, the eighth National College Students Human Resource Management Comprehensive Ability Competition Sixth Division Finals kicked off in our school。More than 400 participants from 85 colleges and universities in Henan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces participated in the competition。

The competition officially started in the afternoon of the same day, the teams formed different companies, in the same case background, the companies compete against each other, through repeated analysis of cases and rules, the development of human resource management strategy and defense。In the competition, each team cooperated with each other, and the players showed their strengths, fully demonstrating the professional quality and good spirit of college students' human resource management。After nearly eight hours of competition, a total of 52 teams advanced to this year's national finals in Xi 'an in November。

In this competition, our school won the best organization award. Li Peiwen, Wang Mengyu, Song Jinyang and Zhang Rui, Gao Yongfei and Leng Xin, two teams from our school, all won the first prize in the competition and successfully advanced to the national finals。同时,To carry out all work in an orderly manner,Under the uniform arrangement of the college,More than 130 student volunteers actively cooperated with the contest organizers,Assist teams in various categories such as the guide group, Competition group, Closing group, and logistics group,To ensure the orderly development of the work during the competition,Their hard work and meticulous organization provided an important guarantee for the success of this competition。

Through the high-level platform built by the national competition, the Human resource Management major of the School of Public Administration has strengthened the exchange and cooperation with the human resource management majors of its sister universities, effectively improved the professional skills, innovation ability and practical ability of students, and further promoted the construction of the national first-class undergraduate major of human resource management。

(First Trial/Retrial by Li Zhengxin/Final Trial by Li Fang/Liu Yingjie)

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