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Professional introduction

School of Public Administration professional introduction

I. Undergraduate major:

1. Labor and Social Security

Training objective: This major aims to cultivate highly qualified professionals with professional knowledge of management and economics, master modern management techniques and methods, and be able to engage in labor and social security work in government departments, policy research departments, large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions。

Main courses: Management, Sociology, Economics, Human Resource Management, Labor Economics, Salary management, Introduction to Labor and Employment, Social Security Science, Labor and Social Security Law, Labor and Personnel Statistics, Social Security Accounting, Finance, Social Security Fund Management, etc。

2. Major in public utility management

Training objective: This major aims to cultivate senior professionals who have the knowledge and application ability of modern management theory, technology and method, and can engage in management work in public institutions such as culture and education, sports, health, environmental protection, social insurance and other public institutions and state organs。

Main courses: Management, Public Service Management, Administration Management, Organizational Behavior, Administration, Human Resource Management, Public Policy, Management Economics, Management Ethics, Public management cases, Public Relations, document Writing, Marketing, etc。

3. Major in administrative management

Training objective: This major aims to acquire knowledge of administration, management, economics, political science, law, sociology and other aspects,Have high political theory quality,Master the basic theory and professional knowledge of modern administrative management,Have strong management, operation, planning, research, communication skills,Senior professionals who are competent for the general administration of state organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions or engaged in the teaching and research of administrative management。

Main courses: Political Science, Public Management, Public Economics, Public policy, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law, Leadership Science, Human Resource Management in Public sector, etc。

4. Human Resource Management

Training objective: This major is designed to meet the needs of the socialist market economy and reform and opening up,Be able to engage in human resource management, salary management, performance and training, labor arbitration, social insurance, labor protection, labor export and other management and specific operation work in various enterprises and public institutions, administrative departments at all levels, and economic management departments,As well as senior professionals with integrity and ability who are engaged in teaching and scientific research in schools and research institutions。

Main courses: Management, Human Resource Management, Labor economics, Salary management, Job analysis, performance evaluation, Social Security Science, Labor Employment Science, Labor Law, Enterprise management, personnel quality assessment, human resource Statistics, Human resource Accounting, Labor psychology, etc。

Ii. Major of Master degree:

The School of Public Administration has two academic master's degree programs in Labor Economics, Public Economics and Management, and one professional master's degree program, Master of Public Administration (MPA)。The college has a high level of academic qualifications, diverse disciplinary background, reasonable age structure and title structure, teaching and research ability outstanding tutor team。Professor Zhang Maosong is the discipline leader of Labor Economics, Professor Fan Ming is the discipline leader of Public Economics and Management, and Professor Wang Lijun is the discipline leader of Master of Public Administration (MPA). Most members of the discipline group have senior professional titles and doctoral degrees。In addition, the college has hired more than 20 academic officials from provincial and municipal departments to serve as external tutors for the Master of Public Administration (MPA)。

1. Labor Economics

Training objective: Through postgraduate education and training,Students can master labor economic theory and income distribution and social security theory,Be able to engage in the research of the discipline of labor economics or handle the specialized business of the profession independently;After graduation,Be able to engage in management work in various enterprises and public institutions, administrative departments at all levels and economic management departments,They can also engage in teaching and research in universities and research institutes。

Main courses: Advanced microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Labor economics, Human resource Development and Management, Social Security Science, Salary management, New Institutional Economics of Labor Law and Social Security Law, Frontiers of Labor Economics (Lectures), Frontiers of Human Capital Theory, etc。

2. Public Economy and management

Training objectives: After postgraduate education and training, students will have a relatively solid theoretical foundation in public economy and management, master modern public policy research methods, and be competent to engage in administration, teaching and research in public administration departments, universities and public policy research institutions。

Main courses: Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Social Security Science, Government Science, Labor Law and Social Security Law, Social welfare Management, Public policy, Western Public Management Theory and Practice, Modern Government Theory, etc。

3. MPA

Master of Public Administration (MPA) education from Henan University of Economics and Law,Relying on the advantages of Henan University of Economics and Law education resources,Adhering to the "quality as the core,It is supported by economics, management, law and political science,It is fundamental to cultivate professional senior management personnel with public spirit,Serve the Central Plains,Open school concept for the whole country,Give full play to the school's own characteristics and advantages,At the same time, leaders and expert managers with high academic accomplishment in government departments and non-governmental public departments are employed as practical teachers,Form a professional teaching team and tutor team (the composition of tutor team is attached),To cultivate high-level and compound management talents for economic and social development。

Training goalCultivate high-level and compound management talents with good political and ideological quality and professional ethics, who can comprehensively apply theories and knowledge of management, economics, law, politics, etc., master the knowledge and skills of management theories, and have strong ability of policy analysis。

① Training direction: government management;Public organization and social governance;Human resource management in the public sector;Social security management。

② Core courses: Theory and Practice of socialist construction, Public management, public policy Analysis, Political science, public economics, public ethics, social research methods, etc。

③ Required courses:

Government management: Public organization Theory, modern Government theory, Comparative government and Politics, public sector performance management, etc。

Public organization and social Governance: Public organization theory, non-profit organization management, public sector performance management, modern social governance, etc。

Public sector human resource management: Public organization theory, public sector human resource development and management, public sector performance management, labor and personnel policies and regulations, etc。

Social security Management: Introduction to social security, Social Security Law, Social insurance science, social assistance and social welfare, etc。

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